Underdog Kennels Logo

Underdog Kennels

This project involved a subject was near and dear to my heart. Dogs! Underdog Kennels is a new business in Dallas, TX. They officially opened August 15th 2015. They provide doggy daycare, boarding and grooming […]

Itty Bitty Foodies

Itty Bitty Foodies

Cheryl Collette needed a redesign of her blog and she had a pre purchased theme that she wanted to use. This is a good example of the Theme Set Up service that I provide. I also […]

Pam Kelly Design

Pam Kelley Design

Pam’s old site was a blog and she wanted a new one that was more modern and focused on images of her interior and exterior designs. She had a nice selection of high-resolution images that […]

T.W. Davi General Contractor General Contractor Commercial and Residential

T.W. Davi General Contractor

T.W. Davi did not have a website. I customized a WordPress theme from Woo Themes for this site and I designed their logo. T.W. Davi has done a lot of work for the Hard Rock […]

Shelly Rosenberg

Shelly Rosenberg Studio

Shelly needed a web presence to showcase her interior design skills as well as her writing skills. She picked out the Foodie theme on the Studiopress site and hired me to customize it since, as […]

Betty Jo Soap

Betty Jo Soap Co.

“Betty Jo” needed a theme set up and she had better things to do with her time so she called on me to get the job done. She wanted the site to give visitors information on her […]

From the Blog

I’m the Hemingway of Web Design

By now you have probably heard that sitting is the new smoking. Sitting 6+ hours per day makes you 40% more likely to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than 3. EVEN […]

Why I use the Genesis Framework

Why do I use the Genesis Framework in all of my projects? You can Google that phrase or Bing it if you want and you can find all kinds of reasons why people use the Genesis Framework. I […]

Turning Pro

I recently read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. I decided that it would be my manifesto for my career. I gathered a list of all the characteristics of the Professional and I read through them […]

A Website is Never Done

In case you did not know, I will tell you that your website is a living and evolving entity that requires time and attention. The minute it is launched and the web design and development is […]

Should you turn off blog comments?

In my last post I said that it was more important to invest your time on your website than to invest your time on your Facebook page. Right after that Michael Hyatt posted an article […]