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Dallas Balance Vibration Technologies

Balance Vibration Technologies, Inc.

Balance Vibration Technologies, Inc. is a service company driven by the high demands of today’s vast changing, precision equipment, the manufacturers committed to these changes and the stringent global standards placed on industries of today.

Shelly Rosenberg Studio

Shelly Rosenberg Studio

Passion and knowledge are the two components that Dallas-based Shelly Rosenberg believes govern her authentic success. A self-proclaimed Renaissance woman, Shelly is an accomplished and multi-faceted advocate for the creative community.



Ra is a blogger with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She writes about living with the condition and about other things in her life.

The Ingredients of Business

The Ingredients of Business

This is a site for people who are interested in learning about the food business. Caroline Wood is the site owner. She currently offers one-on-one coaching and she will be offering e-courses later this year. […]

Hope Haven site

Hope Haven of East Texas

Hope Haven of East Texas is a Christian based non-profit organization devoted to providing residential care services to girls who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. See the live site: Hope Haven of East Texas […]

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Turning Pro

I recently read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. I decided that it would be my manifesto for my career. I gathered a list of all the characteristics of the Professional and I read through them […]

A Website is Never Done

In case you did not know, I will tell you that your website is a living and evolving entity that requires time and attention. The minute it is launched and the web design and development is […]

Should you turn off blog comments?

In my last post I said that it was more important to invest your time on your website than to invest your time on your Facebook page. Right after that Michael Hyatt posted an article […]

I could be biased but hear me out…

I think your website is more important than your Facebook page. I know you are thinking: “Oh sure, she’s a website designer so of course she’s going to say that.” Facebook seems to be where all […]

The Twenty Fifteen Theme Out of the Box

The new WordPress default theme is called Twenty Fifteen and it is simply beautiful. If you have WordPress 4.1 installed you have this theme. It’s clean design has simple typography that is suitable for a […]